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Heidelberg Materials

With Deflexional we have created HETT22 which is a software for planning and monitoring concrete castings. Our customers can now easily simulate the heat and strength development of concrete under different conditions.

Mikael Westerholm

Mikael Westerholm - Heidelberg Materials Northern Europe


Deflexional helped us develop a simulation app with a user-friendly graphical interface for liquid-cooled electrical machines in automotive applications, combining analytical functions, heat transfer, and CFD.

Shafigh Nategh

Shafigh Nategh - Polestar

SPM Instrument

Deflexional assisted us in improving our accelerometer, which combines vibration and shock pulse measurement for mechanical condition monitoring. We used a customized simulation app to test our new ideas.

Simulation app developed for SPM Instrument

Fredrik Gustafsson - SPM Instrument


As developers of carbon nanotubes, we rely heavily on simulations. When we require expert help with advanced COMSOL Multiphysics® simulations, Deflexional is our top choice.

Przemek Plaza

Przemek Plaza - Canatu

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