The way we use simulation software is constantly evolving. A growing trend is the use of simulation apps. These apps are dedicated tools to solve a specific and specialized problem. With easy-to-use graphical user interfaces, simulation apps can be operated by anyone. This approach has a clear advantage. Anyone can benefit from the underlying technology without any knowledge of numerical methods.

Simulation apps created with COMSOL Multiphysics can be:

Heat Transfer Process Analyzer

We spent some time giving COMSOL 6.0 a test drive! At the same time, we created a compiled stand-alone application that you can download and run for free! The app is simple but useful. In two of our recent projects, our customers wanted to predict the temperature during different cycles/processes (heat the object, cool it down, heat it again…) with different conditions and materials. And this is exactly what the app does, but only for blocks, cylinders, and spheres. It would be an easy task to include more specialized geometries and conditions, but that's for later! Simulation apps are developed to make the difficult easy, and therefore they are highly specialized to solve a specific problem. This app is on the other hand quite general, but it will show what a simulation app can do and it's fun to play with!

Download the Windows App

Download the MacOS Apps

Download the Linux App

Installation Instructions

  1. If this is the first time you run a compiled stand-alone COMSOL app, the software will automatically download and install COMSOL Runtime™ which is free of charge. This is only necessary the first time you launch the app. COMSOL Runtime contains all the software components that the app needs for geometry, meshing, solving, visualization operations.
  2. The Heat Transfer Process Analyzer will start and you can now run an easy-to-use FEA software that simulates time dependent heat transfer problems.


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