The Power of Simulation Apps

Simulation Made Easy

The Finite Element Method (FEM) enables simulation of a wide range of problems such as structural analysis, heat transfer, fluid flow, and electromagnetics.

Traditionally, FEM has been utilized primarily by experts due to its technical requirements and reliance on simulation software. However, a simulation app leverages the power of FEM while offering a user-friendly interface tailored to address specific problems. Now, anyone can take advantage of this technology without needing expertise in numerical methods.

As numerical simulation experts, we take the lead in developing the simulation apps. However, the input of domain experts like yourself is invaluable in ensuring the creation of exceptional software. This collaborative effort is essential for achieving outstanding results.


Our simulation apps harness the power of the COMSOL Multiphysics® software as a numerical engine, providing us with nearly limitless simulation capabilities. While the majority of the simulation apps we develop integrate 3D multiphysics simulations in the background, we sometimes utilize both 1D and 2D simulations to expedite calculation speed.

Simulation apps are compiled into standalone executable files. The files can be run on Windows®, Linux®, and macOS without the need for a paid-for license.

Simulation apps can also be run with COMSOL Server™. The final users run the app with a web browser.

Try for Free

To provide you with a better understanding of how our simulation apps function, we encourage you to download and try the Heat Transfer Process Analyzer App completely free of charge.

The app serves as a basic example to explore the capabilities of our technology. In two recent projects, our customers sought to predict temperature variations during various cycles or processes involving different conditions and materials. The example app addresses these requirements for blocks, cylinders, and spheres. Expanding the app to include more specialized geometries and conditions would be straightforward.

The app provides a glimpse into the potential of simulation apps and offers an enjoyable experience for exploration.

Installation Instructions

Download the file: Heat Transfer Process Analyzer for Windows
Unzip the file and double-click on ht_process_analyzer.exe

If this is the first time you run a compiled stand-alone COMSOL app, the software will automatically download and install COMSOL Runtime® which is free of charge. This is only necessary the first time you launch the app. COMSOL Runtime contains all the software components that the app needs for geometry, meshing, solving, visualization operations. Note that Administrative privileges are required to install COMSOL Runtime.

The Heat Transfer Process Analyzer App will start and you can now run an easy-to-use FEA software that simulates time dependent heat transfer problems.

Next Step

Is it possible to develop a simulation app that replicates your product? The next step is to schedule a meeting where you can describe your idea and requirements in detail.