Our Way

Fostering Partnership with Two-Way Communication


We recognize that you are the expert when it comes to your products, and we are excited to help you enhance them by utilizing simulation tools.

Collaboration is key to achieving success, which is why we invite you to contribute your knowledge, design suggestions, input data, and feedback. Our responsibility is to make the most of the information you provide us, so we can create top-notch models and simulation applications that meet your needs and exceed your expectations.

We look forward to working closely with you to achieve our shared goal of improving your products and taking them to the next level.

By combining our expertise, we can accomplish amazing things.

The exchange of information and know-how is vital for our shared success.

Innovation or Evolution?

Curious about the potential of your new idea? Interested in enhancing your existing product? Simulations offer valuable insights to address these questions.

Many clients seek our expertise to understand a specific problem or idea. Others would like to improve existing solutions that have been on the market for years. Using advanced simulation techniques, we test their products and provide valuable insights.

Explore and refine your concepts within our virtual laboratory.


Unsure if your problem can be easily simulated or if it presents a greater challenge?

Understanding the complexities of simulations can be difficult for newcomers. We can quickly assess the difficulty or ease of simulating your product with our expertise. While not all problems align with our current technology, we can guide you to alternative sources of assistance if needed. We're eager to learn more about your challenges!

Hopefully, your problem is more solvable than you anticipate. Rest assured, we will always provide you with a reliable time estimation.

A 'no' for an answer can hold great value. We are committed to offering our honest opinion at all times.

Simulation Workflow

As we invest more time and effort into simulating your products, our mutual knowledge grows over time. On a positive note, setting up simulations for a second generation of your product becomes easier if the first generation has been simulated before.

Nearly all simulation projects progress through the phases above. Over time, the level of automation, accuracy, and knowledge steadily increases.


Can you develop a customized easy-to-use simulation software?

You would like to have a customized ready-to-use software tool, but you don't have the knowledge or the software.
We arrange an online meeting where you can share your ideas, and we provide you with information regarding the possibilities and limitations. During this meeting, we discuss the estimated time required to develop your desired solution. Upon completion, we can deliver the software as an executable file or as cloud-based software accessible through a web browser.

Can we use simulations for this problem?

You would like to solve a specific problem and want to understand if using simulations can be part of the solution.
We arrange an online meeting where you can describe the problem you're facing. During this session, we can guide you in the right direction and suggest potential approaches. If necessary, we may recommend simplifying the problem to reduce complexity. Based on your specific requirements and background, we can offer a tailored path forward for you and your organization.

How can I get assistance in using simulations?

You already have a simulation tool and need help using it.
We schedule an online meeting where you can outline your specific requirements. While we may not possess knowledge of all the diverse software tools and applications available, our extensive network of experts might offer potential assistance in finding suitable solutions.

Getting Started

We begin by understanding your needs to determine how our expertise can be an asset to you. Based on our experience, we find that the most effective way to achieve this is through a brief web meeting. This interaction will also provide you with an initial impression of our capabilities and how we can assist you.